Divine Revelation Ministries Inc.

"Pursuing the knowledge of the Lord" ~ Hosea 6:3 NKJV

Our Mission
To go forth teaching the
word of God as Christ has
commissioned us to do.
Teaching and baptizing in
the name of the Father,
creating an atmosphere of
brotherly love as Christ, by
His example, has instructed
us to love.

Our Purpose
For the developing of
servants to become true
disciples of Christ by
pursuing the word of
God, and the teachings of
Christ, always being guided
faithfully by the Holy Spirit

We need a word from the Lord to remove all doubt. So speak Lord that we may receive and walk in Spirit and in truth.

DRMI Welcomes the Cordero Family!

Welcome Home!

Min. Mia L. Buggs- Associate Pastor

Min. Matthew Langford